On A Les Paul ??

Contrarianism?  A fashion crime?  Irreverence?

For some, the guitar writes the song, in part at least.  From every get-go at conception it’s what I heard in my head.  It’s not a pretty sound.  More like a big set of teeth sinking into you, teeth that can cut, tear or grind depending on the cuisine.

A ’58 VOS loaded with burst buckers, a little more bass pick-up, a little less, for me this instrument easily had the range required to dominate the entire record.  So far at least, it is the sound of COTB.

Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky strings stood up well to being pounded with a 2mm pick.

A couple of add-ons, a Bigsby tremolo and Shaller roller bridge gave this baby a license to kill.

Strat? Tele? Jazzmaster? We’ll have to see next time.

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