Dawn Patrol

 It’s a lot of choppy, messy water this year.  We’ve been raked over and over again but remain buoyant, looking to the approaching set. Who knew there were so many men in grey suits?  Technology has revealed at least one on every favored stretch of the coastline.  But we’ve been keeping the faith, and this is no time for bailing.

 While some speak of better days ahead, our mission is here and now.  The incessant noise of today can’t swim where we go.  We’ve got each other in the line up, on the charge, right up to the drop.  You’ll be fine from there. Ha-ha.

 Surfin’ The Apocalypse is your invitation to take off, get amped and find your balance in the swell.  Once you’re in, you’ll know when things are macking.  Party waves are nothing without a party.  Believe it or not, life is now baby.


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